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Is it Safe to Use Sex Toys?

The-Best-Couples-Sex-Toys-for-Beginners-Experts-AlikeSafety is the Lock whose key is in your hand!

With the rise of adult online shopping India, the concern for user safety is also gaining considerable spotlight. Since, sex toy is not an old kid in the block, people are still unsure about its usage and adverse effect on health if any. Through this blog, we aim to give answer to the question – is it safe to use sex toy?

Yes, if you clean them properly and use them responsibly. Otherwise, there are high chances of transmitting infections.

How to avoid sexually transmitted infections?

  • Wash them before/ after every use
  • Do not share your toys
  • Different set of toys for different uses
  • Buy it from a legitimate adult store India

Diseases that may affect you due to unhygienic practices

  • Syphilis
  • chlamydia
  • herpes
  • bacterial vaginosis

Although, having unprotected sex often comes with more severe diseases like hepatitis and AIDS, using sex toys assure you that it will not cause any harm if you are responsible enough. There are a number of sex toy shops India that offer a range of sexual wellness product online, helping you shop in privacy.

How to clean sex toys?

The cleaning technique depends on which material the toy is made of. If it is battery or electrically operated, it cannot be washed. If you buy sex toys online from a trusted seller, you will be provided with a manual and ‘how to use and store’ guide. You are advised to follow the instruction from the manufacturer carefully.

The reusable and washable adult toys should be washed thoroughly with soap and warm water before and after use.

If you are allergic to certain materials, be careful at the time of purchasing. Check for any cracks or defects immediately after purchasing.


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