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The Demand of Sex Toys Increases in Chennai in 2017

Natalie-Charalambous-1The super pussy pals and multi-orgasm leagues are to be found everywhere in Chennai as per news reports in June, 2017. In the last 1 year, the craze for adult toys, particularly those meant for women, has increased almost 2 times. Quite sarcastically, where India prohibits using of such products, the mindset of Indian men and women are contradicting the societal norm.

Who are the customers?

Adding to the strangeness and sarcasm, sex toys are mostly imported by full-grown men and women from well affluent backgrounds. According to the customs department officials – it is still illegal! But there is no such constitutional law that states purchasing sexual wellness product is not legal in India. Seems like the law and order not clear about what it is objecting to.

Why online sales have increased?

As Chennai is witnessing IT boom, how can it lag behind in using technology and online means to buy sex toys for men and women. They find it safe and confidential. You do not have to reveal your face when purchasing online. The plus point is – it is packed nicely with a carry-on bag. So when it is delivered to your door, you nosy neighbors won’t smell a thing. Ah! What a relief.

Why women love it?

A cute bullet vibrator is a woman’s best friend not only because it gives pleasure, but also because of its health benefits. When asked for reviews, women opined that doctors and gynecologist are planning to introduce sex toys for women as medication in foreign countries. And in India, it is still considered a taboo!

Hope, the acceptance rate increases over time in India as well, and people start considering these non-living playmates as goodwill for health and society.


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