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5 Bizarre sex toys that you didn’t know existed

30-years-sexy-ladies-emily-scottOh, look where have you landed!

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter if you are a kinky oldie who is seasoned in furrows of BDSM or a blushing sex toy virgin – there are so many options that the info may feel treacherous at times.

The peace of mind is that you are not alone. Like you, many use sex toys for self-satisfaction, to spice up love life or enhance sexual experience. It is normal and absolutely healthy.

However, this write-up will introduce you to 5 bizarre and weird sex toys that you haven’t heard of yet.

Orgasm balls

Also named as geisha or Burmese balls, they are small like marble, designed to be inserted into the vagina for sensual stimulation but typically to exercise the pelvic floor muscles. Do not mistake it as anal beads. Visit an adult online store today and get your hands on the amazing orgasm balls.

Clitoral pumps

A clitoral pump is an adult toy intended for women’s pleasure that is placed over the labia or clitoris to generate suction. This as a result, makes the vagina puffy and boosts blood flow to the genitals.

Masturbation sleeves

These are skin-like, soft, stretchy tubes to go around the penis and offer additional stimulation at the time of masturbation. Online sex shop sells these products that have one hole on one side and a closed end at the other side or both the ends are open. They symbolize normal tubes or more convoluted reproductions of anuses or vaginas.

Cock rings

A ring placed around the bottom of the penis to slow down blood flow. This makes it easier to hold the erection for a longer period of time. Buy these amazing sex toys online from a reputed seller in India who maintains a strict privacy policy.

Erotic chair

Some look just like a comfy couch, other look like a bench. These adult toys India help in sexual activity. The biggest difference between these erotic furniture and sex machines is that they have no electrical or moving parts.

Now that you are acquainted with the products, give them a try.


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