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What sex toy to gift whom? A quick guide

female-suxualityIndia holds its reserved and conservative tradition unlike countries in the west. Even the very idea of gifting someone a sex toy as a gift will be considered as a wildly inappropriate move. But it is 2017 guys! We live in an era where geographical difference has been omitted by World Wide Web. Now, you can find a number of retailers selling sex toys online. And, it’s not just you who are planning to gift wrap sex items. Enquire in the market and you will know what you think innovative is already clichéd.

Thank god the taboos are not so predominant any more in our society. Your colleague keeps a vibrator in your purse and your aunt reads Fifty Shades of Grey! It’s time we start perceiving adult toys as an appropriate gift, provided you are not gifting it to your mother-in-law or your boss.

For couples in love

If it’s the anniversary of Veer-Zara or Krish and Annanya, you should pick up something that will induce more romance into the sex life of the love buds. A set of sexy lingerie, light-up silicon dildos and lots of lubrication gels can give a very pleasurable experience during the romantic love making session. You will find a wide range of sex toys for women and men to heighten sexual pleasure. So, purchase them online at your convenience and gift the couple this amazing present.

For couples to find lost love

The honeymoon phase is not ever lasting in any relationship. For those who are delimited by dirty dishes, grocery shopping and office pressure, they need something adventurous and offbeat to bring back their lost charm in love life. As you know a good sex is the solution to all problems, adult toys like gags, spank and BDSM toys will aptly fit in this case.

For singles

If your buddy loves to experiment all alone behind that shut door of his/her bedroom, chances are that s/he will love sex toys that are meant for solo users. Limit your search to some powerful vibrators and male masturbators. Most of the sex toys for men are basically for solo use only. Head to an online adult store and wisely make your purchase.

For singles ready to mingle with random people, the best option is to gift them reusable, washable condoms.


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