Sex Toys in Kolkata

Best Sex Toys in Kolkata at a Cheap Price

Sex-Toys-in-Kolkata-300x300Are you and your partner willing to try out some kinky fun in the bedroom? Choose from our category of great adult products all over India. Buy dildos, vibrators and other sex accessories to make your intimate moments an exciting affair once again.

Want to try anal intercourse for the first time? Buy our 7inch Jelly dong or the 20cm Slim Jelly Dong. If you are looking for sex toys in Kolkata such as average sized dildos, buy the Porcelain Pleasure Dong or the 18cm Realistic Elastic Dildo. Looking for a 100% high-quality silicone toy? Choose from our durable Soft Pack for a realistic experience. More into firm toys? Try from our range of glass dildos or dildos made of stainless steel.

Want to add vibration to your plain dildo? Just strap it on for that heightened sensation. Aroused by stimulating your G-spot or P-spot? Need upward curving shafts to orgasm? Buy the Noded Rear Boring or the Romantic Paradise or the all new G-Spot Dolphin for extreme pleasure. No matter what your sexual preferences are, at Passional Love Toys we understand that your shopping cart needs a few more items other than vibrators and dildos to let you have a complete experience. Get more comfortable with our diverse range of matching lubes and lotions. Take care of your hygiene by cleaning your toys after each use with our quality sex toy cleaners.

As the leading supplier of sex toys in Mumbai, we understand your need for privacy, due to which we provide you with 100% discreet packaging. Your toys will reach you in plain boxes, marked with a non-descript return address. Our adult toys will be marked as “Phone Case” or the likes to help keep you under the radar. Also, our facilitating discreet billing service does not allow the after checkout to match the name of our website, so you will be the only person aware of your purchase. We guarantee to protect your privacy and we require only the details necessary to complete your order.


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